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Voluntary recall of BabyHome highchairs for safety risk

In coordination with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, BabyHome USA Inc. has decided to participate in a voluntary recall of nearly 1,100 of its Eat High Chair models because of a potential safety hazard. The company posted information about the recall on their website after the safety hazard was brought to their attention late last month.

It appears that during manufacturing of the Eat High Chair, model number BH2104, an important leg separator strap was not attached to the chair's frame, making it easier for a young child to slide forward in the seat when not secured by the chest harness. Once the child has slipped forward, their head could become entrapped between the feeding tray and the seat which poses a risk of strangulation, the company says.

While it may look like the product is safe, BabyHome strongly urges customers to stop using the highchairs and immediately request a repair kit that is supposed to eliminate a child's chance of sliding forward in the chair. Although the recall at this time is voluntary, all customers who purchased the product are encouraged to participate so as to ensure the safety of their child.

At present time, the company says that it will not be offering any refunds for the defective product. It's not clear if this stance will change in the event of an injury report or if the recall becomes mandatory.

Although no children are reported to have been injured or killed after using this product, there is still the concern that a children could be in the future. As readers of our blog already know, recalls of children's toys and products are a common occurrence. And while most recalls do not end in tragedy, there are always those that do, reminding us of the importance of product safety.

Source: The Legal Examiner, "More Dangerous Baby High-Chairs Recalled," Greg Webb, April 9, 2013

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