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Too close for comfort: The dangers of real guns looking like toys

There is no doubting that the topic of gun safety is at an all time high in our country right now. With multiple shootings occurring across the nation and hundreds of serious injuries happening as a result of children accidently getting their hands on unsecured weapons, it's no wonder Congress has made it its mission this session to help put a stop to the tragedies.

But while legislators in Congress argue over a person's Second Amendment rights, parents across the nation can't help but notice that in some cases, where children have been accidentally injured or killed after gaining possession of an unsecured firearm, the guns have looked like toys. Truth is many firearm manufacturers offer guns in different colors such as pink to encourage more people to buy them. But as some experts have pointed out, many times these color choices can make a product even more dangerous than it already is.

If you type 'pink toy gun' into Google, you get over three million hits. And after checking out the image section, one can see that there is a mixture of real guns and toy guns that come up for this search; many of which are indistinguishable in nature. By designing guns to look so much like their real-life counterparts, manufacturers could be putting children at risk of serious injury, or worse death.

Although for the most part people in California know that guns are incredibly dangerous-especially if handled improperly-recent discussions surrounding gun accidents have not touched base on this issue of mistaken identity. In some of the cases across the nation, real guns have been mistaken for toys leading to serious accidents, leaving some people to wonder if legislators need to add this to the gun debate in this year's session of Congress.

Source: The Business Insider, "This Is What Happens When You Sell Pink Guns That Look Like Toys," Robert Johnson, Feb. 6, 2013

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