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Could new Mountain Dew product 'kickstart' new problems?

Many people here in California may be familiar with the comedic ranting of Jim Gaffigan; particularly the one where he sarcastically praises the invention of a breakfast HotPocket. Playing off of the often nauseous feeling most people feel after ingesting a HotPocket, Gaffigan ends his joke with the phrase, "You can have a HotPocket for breakfast, a HotPocket for lunch and be dead by dinner."

But despite the laughter, there is a glimmer of truth and we can't help but make the correlation between this quip and PepsiCo's most recent announcement of a new product line.

After being asked by customers for an alternative to traditional morning beverages, PepsiCo announced the upcoming release of its newest product Kickstart. Branded as an energizing breakfast beverage and expected to hit store shelves Feb. 25, this new product could dredge up old concerns about energy drinks and their impact on a person's health.

PepsiCo points out that its 16 oz. cans only contain 92 milligrams of caffeine versus the 276 milligrams of caffeine found in 24-ounce cans of other energy drinks. Although this seems like a huge difference, if a person were to consume 24 ounces of Kickstart, the person would be ingesting 138 milligrams of caffeine, only 46 milligrams less than its competitors. Some people may see this lower number and think that it's okay to ingest more than the recommended amount; this could lead to serious health risks, especially in children who not only metabolize things quicker but are more likely to find products such as this appealing.

In an early November post on this blog, we brought to your attention the story of the teenage girl who died after consuming two Monster energy drinks. Some California residents fear that with the upcoming release of PepsiCo's newest product, this story is doomed to repeat itself. And because it's being marketed as moderately healthy, it could put significantly more people at risk of wrongful death than the company probably realizes.

Source: TIME Magazine, "How about Some Soda with Your Cereal? Mountain Dew Rolls out Juice-Like Breakfast Drink," Rebecca Nelson, Feb. 12, 2013

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