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Consumer Reports helps people find car recalls quicker

We all know how important recalls can be. Whether it's here in California or in another state, being notified of safety-related defects in the products we buy almost every day not only alerts us to potential dangers but shows that businesses really care about the well being of consumers.

Because we have become an increasingly mobile society, this statement is especially true for automakers who often times keep us up to date on recalls to ensure our safety. But sometimes these recalls do not reach their intended audience, leaving some people without valuable safety information that could prevent a serious-if not fatal-accident in the future.

But according to an announcement made by Consumer Reports this month, this could likely change after they implemented a new search tool that will give consumers a direct link to any and all safety information for their vehicle. In the past, Consumer Reports announced auto defects on their news blog which was sometimes going unnoticed by the people who needed the information the most. Now, after partnering with RepairPal, this information will be directly available on the Consumer Reports' main website page.

Consumers will be able to view all of the most recent recalls for new and used cars, with a feed along the left side of the screen that displays all of the most recent recalls. Consumers will also be able to search by make and model to find out if there have been any recalls involving their vehicle in the past.

Some consumers here in California wonder if this recent push by Consumer Reports has been in response to the number of safety concerns that have cropped up in the past few months surrounding un-safe vehicles but it would be merely speculation to say that it was. Either way, it's nice to see auto manufacturers taking responsibility for their mistakes and getting the word out to consumers everywhere.

Source: Consumer Reports, "Finding car recalls just got easier," Liz Barth, Dec. 10, 2012

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