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December 2012 Archives

Judge James Selna to hear class action against Toyota in 2013

For most people across California, the New Year will mean fulfilling resolutions and making a fresh start. For Judge James Selna of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California however, 2013 will mean finally wrapping up the product-liability lawsuits filed against Toyota related to the accelerator issues a few years back.

Marine suffers wrongful death in California scuba dive?

When California residents engage in recreational activities, they rarely expect that a carefree moment could turn into a fatal tragedy. Unfortunately, though, that is just what happened to one 26-year-old Marine who was taking part in a recent scuba diving expedition. The outing, which was likely meant to be a pleasant diversion, took a turn for the tragic and left the woman dead after an apparent equipment malfunction. Such a fatal recreational accident could cause family members who have unexpectedly lost a loved one to consider whether they should pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

'Innocent' games causing injuries and death across nation

Nearly all of us have heard of some type of seemingly innocuous challenge at least once in our lives. From holding objects in your mouth to the infamous challenge of eating a certain number of soda crackers without drinking any water, these games may seem innocent enough, but many medical experts are saying that they're more dangerous than people think.

Consumer Reports helps people find car recalls quicker

We all know how important recalls can be. Whether it's here in California or in another state, being notified of safety-related defects in the products we buy almost every day not only alerts us to potential dangers but shows that businesses really care about the well being of consumers.

California parents win $10 million wrongful death verdict

For most parents, the thought of losing a child numbers among their worst nightmares. One California family had this awful fear realized when their 3-year-old son died while riding a bus home from school. They recently succeeded at holding the school district accountable after a jury awarded them $10 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. While this won't bring their son back to them, hopefully it will make area school districts more aware of how important it is to ensure the safety of students who ride on school buses.

Reckless Drug Prescriptions in Los Angeles, Part 3

Last week, we covered a new report from the Los Angeles Times that raises big questions with area doctors' new approach to prescription drugs. According to the Times' research, many doctors have moved away from reserving narcotics for the most extreme cases - these potentially addictive and deadly substances are now among the most popular drug products.

Black Boxes: New Technology Could Help Crash Victims Win

Many Americans are familiar with the concept of "black box" data from news coverage of commercial airlines crashes. This technology, an important feature of airplane safety for decades, tracks numerous aspects of a vehicle's performance and operation. These records allow investigators to review what went wrong to cause a crash.

Reckless Drug Prescriptions in Los Angeles, Part 2

Our last post introduced new groundbreaking investigative journalism from the Los Angeles Times. In its study out this week, the Times pointed to two problems in the Los Angeles area that are driving a deadly trend towards prescription drug overdoses.

California city settles over girl killed in motorcycle accident

Nothing in the world can fully compensate a parent for the loss of a child's life. When the negligence of another person causes that loss, however, it is sometimes appropriate to file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to pursue another degree of justice. One grief-stricken family recently settled a personal injury lawsuit with a wrongful death component to it in the wake of a fatal motorcycle accident three years ago.

Reckless Drug Prescriptions in Los Angeles, Part 1

In a new investigative report, the Los Angeles Times says that prescription drug overdoses are a big problem in California. Its research showed that 47 percent of the Los Angeles area's 3,733 narcotics-related deaths between 2006 and 2011 involved prescriptions.

All I want for Christmas is some safer toys...

Who can forget that famous scene in 'A Christmas Story' when Ralphie asks the Santa at the mall for an Official Red Rider Air-Rifle, to which the Santa replies, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid." It's a Christmas classic that brings us back to a time when toys had few safety warnings and often times really could take children's eyes out.

Gas fireplace inserts recalled because of safety risk

For those of you who may be frequent readers of our blog, we aim to give consumers information about products they may use every day and may not know that they could be potentially harmful to not only themselves but to their families as well. Much like the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, we often times alert people to product recalls; and although we know that accidents may still occur, we feel that it should never be because of a manufacturer's negligence.

Charter Bus Crash Claims 2 Lives, Injures 30

When behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle like a double-decker charter bus, it only takes a moment of poor judgment for a minor mistake to turn into a catastrophe. Over the weekend, this is exactly what happened when a driver missed two warning signs and crashed into an overpass, killing two passengers and injuring 30 more.

California bicyclist fatally struck by car in Truckee

A Los Gatos, California, man died after being struck by a car in Truckee late last month. He was riding on his bicycle when the accident occurred. Several citizens witnessed the accident and were at the scene performing CPR on the man. He was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment, but was pronounced dead after arriving.

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