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October 2012 Archives

Deadly Truck Crash May Have Involved Driver Fatigue

Last month, a horrific truck crash killed a California family. According to a new wrongful death lawsuit, this tragedy may have resulted from a violation of federal trucking safety rules. Driver fatigue is involved in many dangerous crashes on California roads and around the country.

Man suffers wrongful death in California hit-and-run accident

Whenever a victim dies in a motorcycle accident, it can leave surviving family members struggling with grief, not to mention unexpected medical or funeral expenses. In the direst of wrongful death cases, survivors might be left to fend for themselves without the financial support of a family's primary breadwinner. That is one reason that California civil law allows such families to file wrongful death lawsuits in the event of a fatal motorcycle accident that is deemed to have been caused by another party's negligence.

Youth League Allows Game To Continue Despite Five Concussions

Several weeks ago, we covered a bounty scheme in a California association of a youth football league. The same league is in the news again this week after coaches allowed a team of 10- to 12-year-old boys to rack up no less than five concussions in a single game. All of the injured boys were on the losing team. The other side won, 52-0.

Fungal Meningitis Update: Investigators Report Sterility Problems

Less than a week after we last covered the national fungal meningitis outbreak, the death roll has risen to from 19 to 23 people and more than 300 other victims are sick from the contaminated steroids. Our recent post on the outbreak discussed how a sterilization failure could have contaminated the products and new information suggests that this may have indeed played a role.

Man loses life in California truck accident involving 3 trucks

The sheer size of most big rigs and tractor-trailers means that truck accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries. In worst-case scenarios, these types of crashes can lead to death for those involved. One recent California truck accident resulted in the loss of a 46-year-old man's life. Now, his family may be left scrambling for answers in the wake of this tragic crash.

National Teen Driver Safety Week

California communities are participating in National Teen Driver Safety Week. The campaign, which runs through the end of this weekend, aims to highlight the surprisingly high rates of dangerous crashes that involve teenage drivers. This week offers a good opportunity to look at some teen driving statistics.

Meningitis Outbreak Continues, More Drugs May Be Contaminated

The fungal meningitis outbreak has taken the nation by surprise and it shows no signs of slowing. As of this week, contaminated steroid treatments have sickened nearly 250 people and 19 of those cases were fatal. These numbers will become outdated quickly as states report more cases every day.

California actress dies in possible DUI car accident

Fatal car accidents can have a particularly traumatic impact whenever they claim the lives of young victims. One recent California car accident resulted in what seems to be the wrongful death of a 20-year-old actress best known for her role in the remake of "Bad News Bears," a Hollywood classic. That young actress, Sammi Kane Kraft, lost her life after the vehicle she was traveling in rear-ended a big rig and was then hit by another vehicle.

Safety regulators warn about exploding counterfeit airbags

After testing several airbags, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that a large number of airbags that were being sold for use as replacement parts in vehicles recently involved in crashes, were not only counterfeit but incredibly dangerous as well.

Hospital Pays $123 Million To Settle Claims From Over 80 Families

A large hospital system agreed to pay $123 million to more than 80 children who suffered abuse as the result of its alleged negligent supervision of a pediatrician. The case is an example of how the class action model can help even the odds between individual plaintiffs and large, sophisticated defendants.

California school bus driver accused of DUI after fatal accident

Most California residents expect that drivers who are entrusted with the safety of children while operating school buses are going to take an even greater level of care while driving than others. Sometimes, unfortunately, that proves to not be the case for every school bus driver. One 54-year-old bus driver now stands accused of driving under the influence in a bus accident that reportedly killed a pedestrian in Ventura, California, and may result in a wrongful death claim.

Slow reacting smoke detectors could cost you your life

Late one night, a woman wakes from a dead sleep. The air around her is smoky, choking her every breath. Immediately, her feet fly out from under the covers. She knows what's happening; her house is on fire. But where is the piercing beep of her smoke detectors? How long has the fire been burning?

Honda Recalls: Two Issues Affect Nearly 1.4 Million Cars

Honda expanded two product recalls this week to resolve issues that affect as many as 1.4 million cars. One recall expands an earlier warning about headlights to include Honda Civics from model-years 2002 and 2003 and Honda Pilots from model-years 2004 and 2005. The second recall targets V-6 Accords from model-years 2003 to 2007.

California Coach Accused Of Paying Youth For Football Injuries

The NFL punished one of its teams for running a "bounty" program between 2009 and 2011. Bounty programs reward players for delivering devastating or game-ending injuries to the opposing team. As concerns about the effects of sports-related traumatic brain injuries continue to rise, football bounty hunting is a disturbing practice.

Loose seats on planes cause dangers for passengers

Of the top fears that people have reported around the world, flying is one of the top ten. The main factor for people revolves around malfunctions that can occur with the planes themselves. People in California and across the nation expect that when they step foot on a flight that their plane has been thoroughly inspected and is otherwise safe to fly.

California man suffers serious injuries, loses family in accident

Whenever California residents engage in recreational activities like boating or waterskiing, they rarely anticipate that a trip meant for fun could turn into something more tragic. For one man, however, a recent boat outing resulted in serious injuries to himself the death of his wife and 12-year-old daughter. Authorities believe that alcohol played a key role in the deadly boating accident and the potential for personal injury and/or wrongful death claims looms over the tragedy.

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