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"Mommy, I don't feel good..."

Parents in California and around the world know how wonderful-and nerve wracking-it can be having kids. Most of the time we pay little mind to the fact that they won't eat the small bit of broccoli on their plate or the fact that they just flushed daddy's car keys down the toilet for the second time this month.

But a recent report from Britain has parents around the world greatly concerned for their child's safety.

In an attempt to make laundry and dishes a quick and easy affair, many detergent companies have begun packing soaps in ready-to-use packs. Often, packages contain brightly colored gooey soaps with equally colorful powdery detergents which, according to reports, children are confusing for candies rather than a dangerous household product.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, nearly 2,200 children, age 5 and under, either swallowed or had gotten the detergent from these packs into their eyes. Typically, swallowing these detergents cause mild stomach upset, but experts are saying that with companies increasing the potency of their products, children are at a greater risk for severe injury.

One director of medical education pointed out that there is a clear message to parents that sometimes, what attracts adults may also tempt children as well. She goes on to say that marketers intentionally make products look attractive so that we will buy them. What companies don't understand is that they become quite enticing to children as well.

Unfortunately, for children who have suffered serious injury after swallowing one of these products this tidbit of information comes too little, too late and only a push from manufacturers to create a safer product will ensure that fewer injuries will occur in the future.

Source: US News, "Laundry detergent packs pose poisoning threat to toddlers," Jennifer Goodwin, Sept. 6, 2012

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