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Truck accident: big rigs collide on Southern California highway

An accident involving two big-rig trucks in Southern California sadly left one driver dead earlier this month. The truck accident took place on a transition road between highways 605 and 210, where one tractor-trailer was parked. The driver of the tractor-trailer that was in motion was pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver of the parked truck was reportedly uninjured.

Police closed that portion of the road for two hours. It's not clear from initial reports exactly what happened to cause the two trucks to collide, or why one of the trucks was parked on the side of the transition road.

California Highway Patrol officials are still investigating the collision. After speaking to the driver of the parked vehicle, they may come to a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the crash. It will be interesting to see what they conclude from the investigation.

Road safety is important for all Southern California drivers, and one cannot depend upon another driver to act safely around their vehicle. Every time a driver gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in California, a duty of reasonable care is owed to others in or near the roadway. Whether that duty was breached in this instance, and by whom, remains to be seen. As the grieving family of the deceased trucker awaits the accident investigation report, they may want to consider pursuing a wrongful death claim against any party whose alleged negligence caused or contributed to the fatality.

Source: KTLA, "Big-Rig Driver Dies in Crash on 605-210 Freeway," July 16, 2012

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