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Family of crash victims file lawsuit against Chrysler

California residents are aware that any car accident is a horrible experience. However, when a crash wrecks a family apart, an accident is a sheer tragedy. In recent news, relatives of a couple killed in a collision, which additionally paralyzed two of the couple's children, filed a federal lawsuit against Chrysler, the manufacturer of the family's minivan. The suit also charges liability against the other motorist that was involved in the car accident.

Specifically, the relatives claim that the design flaws in the couple's 2003 Chrysler Town & Country minivan contributed to the deaths and injuries of the victims. According to one of the plaintiff attorneys, but for the auto defects, the couple would have survived the accident and their children would not have been left paralyzed.

The case claims that the minivan lacked an adequately designed "safety cage," which is a rigid steel structure that protects occupants in a collision. Furthermore, plaintiffs allege that the front end of the vehicle did not have appropriate "crush zones" to absorb the impact of the crash. Additionally, the family claims that design defects in the seat belts and seat backs contributed to the children's serious internal and spinal cord injuries.

Officials indicate that the other motorist involved in the accident was distracted and reaching in the backseat of the vehicle at the time of the collision.

The family's attorney explains, "This was a collision at highway speeds." However, he adds, "But in a properly designed vehicle, such a collision should not result in the complete collapse of the driver and front passenger compartment, and should not result in the seat back and seat belts causing catastrophic injury."

As the surviving family struggles to cope with the tragedy of the accident, hopefully, they will find some sort of closure and peace in the process of this pending lawsuit.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Relatives of Berry family sue Chrysler, driver in wreck that killed parents," Susan Carroll, May 15, 2012

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