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Warning: Your spicy tuna roll may have spicy Salmonella

Many California residents have had it. It usually starts with the food sweats and is followed by severe stomach pain. Food-poisoning cases generally fall under product liability laws. Any party in the product's chain of distribution, such as manufacturers, retailers and people in between, can potentially be held liable. Of course, it all depends on the source of contamination. Last week, two women filed a Salmonella lawsuit when they became extremely sick after eating sushi tuna rolls at a local restaurant.

"Nakaochi Scrape" is meat from the back of a fish that is cut off of the bones. This is added to products like ground yellowfin tuna that is used in sushi. However, recently, it has allegedly been linked to more than 140 Salmonella infections over the past two months. According to reports, the women who filed the suit ate sushi, which allegedly contained ground yellowfin tuna with Nakaochi Scrape.

In connection with this outbreak, California-based Moon Marine USA has recalled 59,000 pounds of raw yellowfin tuna.

Salmonella infections generally lead to diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps. Those who experience the poisoning usually recover from the symptoms within a week. However, in this particular case, both women required hospital treatment. In fact, one victim was diagnosed with an ulcerated colon.

So far, scientific tests confirmed that the sushi victims were sickened by a rare type of bacteria called Salmonella Bareilly. Currently, authorities are investigating where the bacteria came from. Hopefully, the search will help put an end to this Salmonella outbreak around the country.

Source: Reuters, "First Salmonella sushi lawsuit filed," Andrew Chow, April 24, 2012

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