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California train-car collision could have caused serious injuries

California drivers are likely aware of how devastating a crash between a train and an automobile can be. Trains are huge forces that can cause serious injuries and even death when involved in collisions. Unfortunately, not all accidents of this type can be avoided.

One recent California train accident may be an example of this. A BMW was struck by an oncoming train, propelled into another vehicle, and finally struck a tree after being pushed into it by the train. The drivers of both vehicles, one of whom was a pregnant woman, were taken to the hospital, both with non-life-threatening injuries. In total six people were sent to the hospital following the crash. The cause of the car accident was not clear in the immediate aftermath of the incident. This crash comes just two months after a similar accident that turned fatal.

A news report concerning the accident did not say what kind of traffic signals were functioning at the intersection of the road and the tracks, but malfunctioning or improper traffic signals can sometimes cause these types of crashes. When signals don't function properly, it is possible for a driver to be unaware of a quickly approaching train, placing him or her unknowingly in the path of danger.

In situations like this, injured people may be entitled to pursue claims for personal injuries if a collision was caused by another person's negligence. As police continue to investigate the incident, hopefully those injured in the collision will experience quick and full recoveries.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, "Sacramento commuter rail collision injures 5," Don Thompson, March 29, 2012

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