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Do you live in the deadliest city for pedestrians?

When you are on foot among traffic, your life is at risk. You may walk to do errands or get exercise. On the other hand, you may simply step out of your vehicle because you have a flat tire, a break down or a fender bender. Any of these moments can be the start of a devastating accident.

Accidents involving pedestrians are among the most tragic and dangerous incidents on roadways. California has one of the highest rates of fatal pedestrian accidents in the country. Los Angeles pedestrians have an even greater risk of sustaining catastrophic or fatal injuries from a collision with a motor vehicle.

Who are the most distracted drivers on the road?

How long is your commute? You may be one of the many residents of Southern California who could potentially spend an hour or more on the road each day -- one way. When rush hour traffic comes to a standstill, the urge to pull out your cell phone may be overwhelming.

The truth is that, at one time or another, most people do. The problem is that doing so puts you and everyone around you in danger. For that reason, you probably resist the that urge even though many others don't. Other drivers give in to distraction and increase your risk of suffering serious injuries due to another's negligence.

Was that truck driver even qualified to be behind the wheel?

Trucking companies move a large amount of goods across the country every day. All of those goods need to get to their destinations within certain deadlines, which means that companies need enough drivers to meet demand.

While many companies make sure they hire qualified drivers, some are not quite as particular as they should be. This puts you and everyone else on California's roadways at risk for injury.

California requirements for your "reasonable accommodations"

Realistically, you probably cannot do some jobs because of your disability. For instance, if your disability requires you to use a wheelchair, you wouldn't be able to work on a construction site. On the other hand, having a disability does not mean that you can't perform the essential duties of many other jobs. Even so, you may need some sort of accommodation in order to do so.

If the California Fair Employment and Housing Act recognizes your disability, and there are at least five people working for your employer, your employer must provide you with a reasonable accommodation. How do you make certain you are getting a fair shake?

Why aren't all truck drivers tested for sleep apnea?

Drowsy driving is a well known concern for motorists. It is especially dangerous if the drowsy driving is behind the wheel of a semi. 

Because truck drivers spend the majority of their days in control of a vehicle weighing up to 80,000 pounds, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates rest periods for truckers as a way of combating the problem, but it doesn't account for sleep apnea. Even when a truck driver follows the regulations regarding rest periods, it doesn't mean he or she actually got good sleep, and part of that may be due to sleep apnea.

Do you suspect truck driver fatigue led to your injuries?

Even if you didn't see the truck barreling toward your vehicle, you felt the impact. You may feel lucky to be alive even though you suffered serious injuries. It could take you months to recover, and you may not fully recover.

While facing an unknown future, you will probably begin to wonder how you will afford your medical care and what will replace the income you may lose while you remain injured. If you believe the truck driver was at fault for the accident, you will need to be able to prove it. One primary cause of truck accidents is driver fatigue, and an investigation into the days leading up to the crash could reveal it played a significant role in the crash.

Should you always go to the ER after a car accident?

Whether you saw it coming or not, before you finish registering the sound of the crunch of metal, your vehicle is violently tossed around. In the next couple of moments, your brain tells you that you were just in an accident.

Still confused, you begin to assess whether you suffered any injuries, but with your adrenaline pumping and the shock of the crash, you can't be sure. Unless you see blood and feel pain, you may not realize the extent of your injuries for some time.

Did you suffer discrimination at work because of a disability?

While the federal government provides you with protections due to your disability, California does as well. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing investigates complaints of discrimination as long as you file a complaint within one year of when you say you suffered it.

Having a disability may provide you with enough challenges. You don't need your employer discriminating against you because of it. Learn about your options in California.

Ways to take your safety into your own hands on California roads

There are more vehicles on Southern California roadways than ever before. Putting that many vehicles and that many drivers into the same space is a recipe for disaster. You have to trust that others are paying attention and won't make mistakes. However, you know that's not always the case.

How to drive defensively

California dive boat fire leaves many grieving and confused

Family and friends are grieving the loss of their loved ones after tragedy recently struck near Santa Cruz Island. They've unfortunately learned how quickly life can change for the worse when an exciting and fun diving excursion turned fatal.

The 75-foot dive boat Conception caught fire around 3:15 a.m. on Monday, September 2, trapping the passengers sleeping in bunk beds below deck. Two days later NBC reported that rescue crews have discovered the remains of 33 killed in the incident. They are still searching for one more missing person. Of all the people on the boat, only five crew members safely escaped.

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