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Electric scooters: Tips for a safe ride

In the wake of ride sharing and bike sharing, scooter sharing is the next big thing. Electric scooters are quirky and convenient. They're easy to operate and can zoom along at swift speeds. And with their thin, light profiles, they're not as clunky to navigate as mopeds or Segways.

Given all these features, it's no surprise they've become the latest craze in many areas, including California. You may have seen them lined up on sidewalks in Santa Monica or Long Beach. You may have even been tempted to give one a spin.

How reliable is the backup camera in your new vehicle?

It seems that with backup cameras in a lot of the new vehicles, having eyes in the back of your head can be for more than just moms and teachers. These new cameras can give drivers a view of those hard-to-see areas behind a car or truck. This is something that can be particularly helpful for people who drive larger vehicles.

The increase in visibility, however, is not stopping people from running over obstacles with their cars. While the frequency is down, one would expect it to be virtually zero with the help of technology.

Have you developed cancer after using Roundup?

Roundup spray.jpeg

For many years, a dispute has been going on regarding the dangers of Roundup, a popular lawn and garden weed killer. In a recent verdict, San Francisco jurors decided that there was enough evidence behind one man's claim that the herbicide gave him cancer. In a move to punish the agricultural company that makes Roundup, the jury awarded Californian Dewayne Johnson $289 million in damages. The verdict has paved the way for thousands of other cancer victims to bring claims against Monsanto. 

If you were punished for getting pregnant, you are not alone

Policies and industries aside, many women feel they have to choose to have children or have a career. Between the time off for pregnancy and the struggle to find affordable childcare, it can be a difficult choice to make.

Unlike some other industries, dock work has been a male-dominated career for a long time. Many of the policies in place, including those regarding pregnancy, make it difficult for women to have both a career and a child.

Do you know what to expect after getting anesthesia?

anesthesia.jpegAlthough it is necessary during surgical procedures, there are a lot of risks with using anesthesia. Even when the surgery goes as planned, there can be problems that don't show up until after you are already at home and recovering.

As a patient, you're already in a vulnerable position. Undergoing surgery can be scary and risky even before you consider the potential complications of using anesthesia. It has sometimes caused long-term damage or debilitating side effects. Part of the problem can because you are not sure what is normal and what is not during your recovery. Here are some common symptoms of anesthesia complications to watch for after surgery.

Were you affected by the Porter Ranch gas leak?

If you were in or near Porter Ranch in October of 2015, you knew about the horrific methane leak. The gas leak, which took months to resolve, affected thousands of Los Angeles residents, especially those in the Porter Ranch area who were forced to be evacuated from their homes.

More than two years later, a $119.5 million settlement has been reached between Southern California Gas Co. and several government entities. The court must approve the settlement before any money exchanges hands.

Do you live near a toxic wastewater site?

Crystal Geyser is in hot water. The bottled water company may be facing a $8 million fine if found guilty of illegally dumping toxic waste.

You don't have to worry drinking toxic water -- none of the tainted product ever made it to the shelves. At issue is how CG Roxane LLC, the California parent company, handled its wastewater. The company has been charged with violating federal law by improperly transporting and disposing of arsenic.

Nearly $5 billion awarded to talc powder users

Baby powder has long been a staple in U.S. households, but fears over its links to cancer might change that. Johnson & Johnson was recently ordered to pay nearly $5 billion to women who alleged the company’s talc-based product contains asbestos, causing them to develop cancer.

The lawsuit is based on the allegations of 22 women who claim their decades-long use of baby powder and other talc products caused their ovarian cancer. The cancer victims argued that Johnson & Johnson knew their product was contaminated with asbestos, but covered up the evidence since the 1970s. The jury agreed and awarded a verdict of $550 million in compensatory damages and over $4 billion in punitive damages.

University president called to testify regarding scandal

The disgraced doctor may be already behind bars, but the case that shocked the country is far from over. Michigan State interim president John Engler now finds himself in the cross-hairs — and he’s been asked to testify before Congress. This unfortunate situation is the most recent example of a university struggling to handle a sexual abuse problem.


Trucker is charged in deadly crash with Canadian hockey team bus

empty bus.jpeg

Charges were just announced for a truck driver who was involved in a high-profile crash earlier this year. Months after his semi-trailer collided with a team bus in rural Canada, the driver is now facing numerous charges.

An entire country mourns the loss of young lives

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