Wrongful Death

Holding Parties Accountable for Wrongful Death

Since we opened our law firm doors in 1965, we have helped many families deal with tragedies and wrongful death. We know that nothing takes away the sadness and grief — nothing can replace your loss — but financial compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit can help you go forward after losing the love and support you counted on.

In the Girardi | Keese offices, there is a photo of three young boys who are growing up without a dad because of a deadly truck accident. Their mother is doing a great job of raising her sons. Whether you have unexpectedly become a single parent or you have lost a child or another loved one, our attorneys are ready to fight for your financial future while you focus on you and your family. Contact us by calling 800-401-4530 or sending us an email.

Our attorneys work for the families of wrongful death victims.

People are supposed to die from natural causes, not because of negligence. When an individual or business steals years from someone's life — whether it's 70 years or two years, there is an obligation to pay financial compensation.

  • When a prescription drug causes a heart attack, stroke or any other fatal side effect, the pharmaceutical company should be held responsible.
  • If a defective product causes a fatal accident, the manufacturer, distributor and retailer should pay wrongful death compensation.
  • In a fatal car crash, truck wreck or motorcycle accident, the at-fault party and the insurance companies involved should honor the family's wrongful death claim.
  • If a doctor fails to diagnose cancer and that failure causes a death that could have been prevented, the physician should be held accountable.

A worker electrocuted by temporary wiring at a construction site, a drowning caused by a careless boating accident, a car fire caused by an auto defect, a fatal fall from a defective stairway — when negligence causes a wrongful death, contact us. Our personal injury trial lawyers represent clients in California and nationwide.