Actos Legal Assistance

The Evidence Against Actos Is Clear

Unfortunately, Takeda has not sought out those who have been harmed by their product, and the company is unlikely to do that. Like other giant pharmaceutical companies caught in the same situation, Takeda makes getting compensation as difficult as possible for injured people, the families of Type 2 diabetes patients who need medical attention because of side effects, and those who have died because of the drug.

Takeda continues to deny study results

The company's response to the Actos studies was to simply deny what researchers had reported about the link between cancer and the drug. The fact that multiple studies revealed that link did not change the company's stance. The fact that Germany and France banned the drug, and Canada now requires the company to include a black box warning on its packaging, did not result in any change in how the drug was marketed in the United States.

Actos generated $4.3 billion in global sales last year. Sales of Actos in the U.S. represented 51.8 percent of Takeda's sales in this country.

Girardi | Keese attorneys are ready to fight for Actos patients' legal rights

Fighting big pharmaceutical companies takes experience, resources, determination and passion. The California law firm of Girardi | Keese has all of those characteristics and offers Actos legal assistance to people throughout California and nationwide.

If you are a family member or a friend of someone who suffered harm because of using Actos, know your legal rights. Contact a personal injury lawyer about Actos legal assistance.