Medical Devices Overview

When It Comes to Drugs, Who Can You Trust?

Pharmaceutical companies are in business to make money. At Girardi | Keese, we have no quarrel with that goal. That is the free enterprise system that has made this country so successful over the long term.

As attorneys for injured people, our argument is with pharmaceutical companies that want to make money no matter who gets hurts in the process. For the consumer, it is difficult to separate the drugs that heal from the drugs that have a high risk of causing harm. Big Pharma is not always forthright about what they know about the drugs they are selling.

Be a vigilant, educated consumer.

If at all possible, before you fill a prescription, talk to your doctor about side effects and contraindications. Read the inserts that come with your prescription. Research the drug on the Internet.

Always be aware that FDA approval does not mean a drug or medical device is safe for all people and for all purposes. Before Vioxx was taken off the market in 2004, it had FDA approval. Yaz broadcast TV ads that misled consumers until the FDA ordered them to stop.

Pharmaceutical companies are masters of advertising and promotion. They know how to get a product through the FDA process and how to create a demand from doctors and patients. Consumers need to see through the hype and get the truth - if it's even available.

When a drug or medical device harms people, demand accountability.

That's a big part of what we do at Girardi | Keese - demand accountability. We do not represent pharmaceutical companies or any big corporations. We represent people who have been injured through no fault of their own.

  • We represent children who lost what little hearing they had to a defective seal on a cochlear implant.
  • Our law firm represents people who had heart attacks, stroke and severe pancreas disorders because of type 2 diabetes drugs.
  • Our lawyers represent people who have suffered painful, life-threatening side effects from drugs like Yaz and Yasmin, Fosamax and gadolinium-based contrast agents.

If you are seeking a law firm with substantial and successful experience against pharmaceutical companies, contact us. We represent clients in California and nationwide.