Elder Abuse

Fighting Back Against Elder Abuse

More people are living longer. The senior citizens in our society have paid their dues, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Too often, though, businesses and individuals see senior citizens as a way to make money without giving value in return.

Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, home health providers, financial advisers and even family members often treat the elderly as sources of income rather than as valuable members of the community. At Girardi | Keese, our lawyers work to protect senior citizens from elder abuse and neglect. To learn how we can help you or your loved one fight back, call 800-401-4530 or contact us online.

Nursing home abuse and neglect is inexcusable.

As an industry, assisted care facilities and nursing homes are not doing a good job of caring for residents. In too many facilities, money is more important than meeting obligations to residents. Elder care facilities are often understaffed. Many do not do an adequate job of screening, training and supervising their staffs. The results are frightening:

  • Neglected residents can suffer from bed sores. When decubitus ulcers become infected, a person can lose a limb or even die from deeply infected bones.
  • Improperly supervised residents can wander off. Outside the home, they can be hit by cars, be attacked, fall down and break bones.
  • Neglected nursing home residents may get improper medications and may suffer from malnutrition and dehydration.

When nursing homes do not meet the appropriate standard of care, when they are challenged in court, when they are made to pay compensation for elder abuse and neglect, there is more of an incentive to treat residents with the care they deserve. Our personal injury attorneys have experience fighting against nursing home abuse and neglect.

Many elderly people are victims of financial abuse.

Elder abuse often happens for two reasons: Seniors can be confused about what is happening, and some individuals and businesses behave like vultures ready to take advantage of that confusion.

Insurance companies sell life insurance policies to people in their 80s. Mortgage companies refinance homes offering immediate cash and delivering a predatory loan. Relatives drain bank accounts and transfer property in the guise of helping.

When elderly people are subjected to physical or financial abuse, our trial lawyers want to hear about it. Contact us and let us know how we can help. We represent clients in California and nationwide.