Birth Injuries

Helping Babies Who Have Been Injured at Birth

Obstetrical doctors and nurses are trained to watch for signs of fetal distress and to act quickly when they see those signs. Without quick action, a baby can lose valuable oxygen and suffer brain damage that causes cerebral palsy and other devastating life-long conditions.

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When doctors fail to act, they are responsible for the consequences.

We have heard the excuses: The doctor did not think delivery was imminent, so he or she was not present. The hospital did not provide backup. The nurses failed to notice and report signs of fetal distress.

It comes down to this: The person who pays the most for their neglect is an innocent baby. Family members must also deal with the lifelong implications of the birth injury.

The implications are different for every child. Cerebral palsy, for example, can vary in seriousness from loss of some muscle control to quadriplegia and life on a ventilator. Shoulder dystocia damages the brachial plexus nerve that leads into the arm and can cause temporary injuries or permanent damage to the arm. Failure to perform a C-section can cause serious brain damage and even death.

Girardi | Keese provides a voice for babies suffering birth injuries.

Parents need answers: Why did this happen? The injured baby may need therapy, surgery, equipment and long-term care. Our trial lawyers have the medical knowledge and trial experience to find the answers and present an effective case for just compensation.

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