Sightseeing Tours

Why Did the Sightseeing Tour End in a Crash?

At Girardi | Keese, we know how to find the answers to the questions raised by aircraft accidents. Throughout California and nationally, other attorneys often call us because they know about our experience with aviation injury and wrongful death cases.

All aviation crashes are devastating, but when the accident happens on a sightseeing tour, the devastation seems especially senseless. Couldn't something have been done to prevent the accident? Did the tour operator put safety ahead of any other considerations?

Our lawyers use aviation experts to find the answers.

Experience counts in aviation injury and wrongful death cases. The aviation law attorneys at Girardi | Keese know which experts to call for different types of cases. We know how to follow the science and engineering clues every crash site contains. We know the right questions to ask and how to present the case in court.

There may be one cause or multiple causes in a chopper crash.

Because of our extensive experience with aviation accident cases, we know that when we find an answer, we need to keep asking questions until we find all the answers.

  • Was the routine maintenance performed?
  • Were there defective component parts in the aircraft?
  • Was the aircraft design defective?
  • Did the tour schedule and efficiency come ahead of safety issues?
  • Was the weather report accurate? Were weather-related decisions appropriate?

Damages are high in an aviation accident; serious aviation injuries and deaths take a personal toll as well as an economic toll. Girardi | Keese lawyers look for every cause and every liability in order to assure fair financial recovery for the victims.

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