Charter Accidents

Was the FBO at Fault in a Charter Plane Accident?

The charter company — also called the FBO (fixed base operator) — may have been at fault in a charter accident. The plane or helicopter operated by the FBO might have had design flaws or component part failure. At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our attorneys know how to get to the truth, to find the facts and to hold the appropriate parties accountable.

Charter plane companies serve an important purpose. They provide needed airplane service at times and to locations that may not be well served by commercial airlines. They serve as an agency that provides the plane, books the flight and staffs the plane.

When charter accidents happen, every possibility should be investigated.

Girardi | Keese lawyers have handled airplane accident and product liability cases for decades. We have worked with the best experts available to examine crashes and go through every detail of an aviation accident.

  • FBOs are often under pressure to meet deadlines. That can result in bad decisions about flying in difficult weather or flying a plane that hasn't completed its 100,000-hour maintenance.
  • An exhausted pilot may be pressured into service or a maintenance crew may be rushed through pre-flight checks to accommodate a customer need for immediate take-off.
  • The airplane's design defects or component failures may have caused the crash or contributed to the danger. In that case, we will sue the manufacturer.
  • The charter company may have staffed the plane without checking credentials of crew members.

A plane crash injury or wrongful death could be the result of a single terrible mistake or a combination of errors. It is our job to find out the full truth behind an accident in order to obtain fair and just compensation for our clients.

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