Worst Tour Bus Crash in 30 Years

One of the 'deadliest' in California history

The USA Holiday tour bus was headed back to Los Angeles on Sunday, Oct. 23, in the early morning hours. At that time, many passengers were asleep. They'd spent much of the evening at the Red Earth Casino in Thermal. Desert Hot Springs is where the trip ended, when the bus crashed into the back of a big rig at high speed.

13 people lost their lives and many others were seriously injured. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the crash is among the deadliest in California history.

'We just don't have all the pieces to the puzzle'

Based on the extent of the damage, it's clear that the bus was traveling at much higher speeds, relative to the big rig. But it will take awhile for investigators to figure out what happened. At the moment, investigators are looking into every possible cause - speeding, impaired driving, even a possible mechanical failure with the brakes. According to the California Highway Patrol, "Essentially, we just don't have all the pieces to the puzzle."

It's too early to know what happened, but it's clear something went terribly wrong.

For those affected by this tragedy, read below to learn about your legal options.

Tour Bus Crash California

Your legal options:

None of the passengers ever dreamed this would happen to them. If you're a family member of a loved one who was killed, the shock is devastating. When you're ready, consider working with the lawyers of Girardi | Keese. At Girardi | Keese, we have two primary goals:

  1. To get justice for those who were injured or who lost their lives because of this crash
  2. To hold the bus driver and USA Holiday accountable for any wrongdoing or negligence that led to the crash, to reduce the likelihood of similar accidents happening to others in the future

This is what we will do.

Girardi | Keese has a long history of digging deep into accidents to find out what happened, just like investigators do. What we often find and show to a jury is that someone, somewhere, made a bad judgment call, a poor decision, or in the case of mechanical failures, cut corners to put profit ahead of safety. We don't yet know what happened in this case, but many lives have been permanently changed as a result of this crash.

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