If you're injured or a victim of fraud, you cannot afford to take a gamble on the lawyer you choose.

Tom Girardi is a founding partner of this law firm. Dubbed "King of the Class Action Lawsuit," Mr. Girardi achieved one of his early wins working alongside consumer activist Erin Brockovich in the infamous toxic tort case against PG&E for the sickened residents of Hinkley, Calif.

Since then, along with his highly accomplished associates, Mr. Girardi has won literally billions of dollars for clients in cases ranging from individual claimants to entire towns.

What does this mean to you?

It means that we have the resources necessary to challenge the world's biggest companies and tackle the toughest cases, from car wrecks, defective products, and other accidents involving just one client to aviation and environmental disasters involving hundreds or even thousands of injured or defrauded clients.

In other words, choosing the Los Angeles law firm of Girardi | Keese to represent you in your case is about as far away from a gamble as you can get.

Why hire Girardi | Keese?

  • Girardi | Keese has fought long and hard in thousands of "David vs. Goliath" cases throughout the country since 1965.
  • Over the years, the lawyers of Girardi | Keese have recovered more than $10 billion for injured and defrauded clients.
  • The entire focus of Girardi | Keese is helping individuals (and their families) who suffer physical, emotional and/or financial harm because of the negligent or deliberate actions of other people and companies.

Whom have we fought?

  • The NFL for minimizing/downplaying the damage of concussions
  • Dodger Stadium for negligent security
  • PG&E in the case made famous by the film Erin Brockovich
  • SoCalGas for the massive gas leak in Porter Ranch, Calif.
  • VW automaker for its emissions scandal
  • The drugmaker Merck for its dangerous drug Vioxx
  • The Ford Motor Company for its defective seatbelts
  • Farmers Insurance for not making good on homeowners' insurance policies after the Northridge Earthquake
  • And many, many others

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