A New App, A New Way To Stay Prepared

Girardi Keese is pleased to offer our own app, now available for free download in the Apple App Store (iTunes) or the Google Play Store. Our app gives you the tools to take control in the event of an accident.

We hope you never need it-but if you do, you'll be prepared with a wide range of helpful features, including:

Call Us Now! Emergency Button: Don't worry about adding us to your Contacts list and scrolling through name after name when you're under stress. The app lets you call the firm with the press of a button.

Call a Taxi Button: This feature dials 1-800 TAXI-CAB for you, immediately calling you a cab-24 hours a day, nationwide.

Accident Tip Checklist: Our comprehensive checklist gives you clear instructions about what to do if you are involved in an accident.

Case Evaluation: If you are considering a free case evaluation, this feature is for you.

Flashlight: Many of the worst accidents happen at night. Be prepared for emergencies with a strong flashlight, right in your smartphone or tablet.

Law firm information: You'll also be able to learn more about each one of our attorneys, view our law firm's social media accounts and conveniently access our contact information.

Download the app for free today in the Apple App Store (iTunes) or Google Play store.