Trademark Litigation

Preserving the Value of Trademarks

Companies spend millions developing and protecting trademarks. There are good reasons for that. A well-established, easily recognized trademark helps consumers identify the product at a glance.

A clothing designer saw a trademark that was remarkably like his own, but challenging the worldwide company that was using his trademark could cost millions. He brought his concerns to the trademark litigation attorneys at Girardi | Keese.

Trademark infringement cases

Girardi | Keese has built a well-earned reputation for taking on tough cases against some of the biggest companies in the world. We keep our financial war chest stocked for financially challenging cases. Our lawyers welcome the opportunity to fight for the Davids of the world against the Goliaths.

IP lawsuits are expensive; that's why we represent clients on contingency.

A trademark violation case, in fact most IP litigation cases, involve extensive discovery including document searches and expert witness testimony.

A trademark is a symbol — a valuable symbol of a product. Other companies — no matter how large — do not have the right to take someone else's trademark without permission and valuable consideration.

If you want to discuss a trademark infringement case, contact us. Our lawyers represent clients in California and nationally.