Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets: The Valuable Core of a Business

It is hard, if not impossible, to overstate the value of trade secrets. Trade secrets are the information that is too sensitive to be publicly filed as a patent or copyright. Companies that value their trade secrets are careful about non-disclosure agreements and litigate vigorously against violations of trade secret agreements.

When a big business uses the trade secrets of a small business, that can mean the end for the small business. It's tough to fight back. That's why, at the Girardi | Keese law firm, our IP litigation lawyers represent small businesses on a contingency basis. And we never represent big businesses on any basis.

Trade secret lawsuits are expensive for both sides.

The stakes are high in trade secret litigation — and the legal bills are high, too. In a recent case involving two large toy manufacturers, the legal bills were $70 million for the winning side and $100 million for the losing side. This demonstrates: (1) the high cost of trade secrets litigation and (2) the high value companies place on trade secrets. At Girardi | Keese, we pay the costs of litigation. Our clients pay us only if we win.

A tiny component was a trade secret too valuable to lose.

A small company manufactured a tiny component used on IVs. The component was inexpensive, but it was used so much that it was a profitable product. A big company started using the trade secret, hurting the small company's business.

Girardi | Keese attorneys took the case on contingency. We tried the case to verdict, then had the verdict affirmed on appeal. The small company had its trade secret plus damages in the tens of millions.

Girardi | Keese is one of only a few law firms that handle intellectual property cases on contingency. We do that because we like being a voice for individuals and small businesses. Contact us to discuss your concern about a trade secrets case. We represent clients in California and nationally.