Wrongful Termination

Fired for Doing the Right Thing: Wrongful Termination

Employment is "at will" in California and most states. That means an employer can terminate employment at any time, for any reason (except an illegal reason). Also, the employer does not have to state a reason for firing someone.

But when it can be determined that someone was fired in violation of public policy, that termination is wrongful. Our employment law attorneys represent clients who have reported wrongdoing and then have been terminated from employment. The Girardi | Keese law firm has the resources and ability to fight employers big and small.

The law says whistleblowers should not be fired.

When a whistleblower reports wrongdoing, when the wrongdoing is against public policy, the whistleblower is protected by law from retaliatory discharge.

  • A company dumped toxic garbage over a period of years. The employee who reported the illegal dumping was fired, but the firing was illegal — wrongful termination — because toxic dumping violated the law.
  • When an employee discovered a deliberate and long-term pattern of overbilling, he reported it to the company. He was wrongfully terminated.

Employees are often in the best position to discover wrongdoing in a company. It can be difficult, however, to report illegal practices. Company management and even other employees can cause a hostile work environment. Whistleblowers are often under a great deal of pressure to keep quiet.

Girardi | Keese lawyers represent employees who have had the courage to do what's right. We have the resources and the determination to challenge even the largest of companies. The company will have a team of lawyers; the whistleblower deserves strong legal representation.

Contact us if you are aware of a wrongful termination case. We represent clients in California and nationwide.