Racial Ethnic Discrimination

Workplace Race Discrimination: Finding the Truth

Race discrimination and ethnic discrimination may be difficult to prove for one reason — employers know that it is against the law and make every effort to deny or hide race discrimination.

The employment law attorneys at Girardi | Keese explore the patterns and practices that can reveal race discrimination. One employee's experience with race discrimination is the tip of the iceberg. More discrimination usually lies beneath the surface.

Our lawyers peel back the layers to get to the truth.

It takes extensive, determined discovery to reveal all the layers of racial discrimination. We spend time with the client to determine the strength of the case as well as the client's ability to stand up to intense scrutiny by the other side.

Employers frequently have teams of lawyers, and do not want to be identified with racial discrimination at any cost. Employers will work hard to minimize every incident and diminish the claim. When the decision is made to pursue a case Girardi | Keese helps our clients weather what we know will be a tough storm.

We prepare our clients for a difficult trial.

We do not go into a race discrimination case lightly; we know it will be challenging. Girardi | Keese lawyers believe that fighting race and ethnic discrimination is important work that requires careful preparation.

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