Civil Rights

Protecting People Harmed by the Protectors

Most of the time, we can count on the police to protect and defend us against harm. However, when the police abuse their authority and violate civil rights, they need to be held responsible for their actions.

Civil rights protections are a part of the law, but they are only effective if we are vigilant and challenge civil rights violations. The lawyers at Girardi | Keese do not back down when we are protecting the rights of our clients. We fight for civil rights because it is the right thing to do. If you are the victim of a civil rights violation, contact us.

When the police cross civil rights boundaries, they need a reminder.

In the name of law and order, security guards and police offices need to make quick decisions — but those decisions have to be guided by law. When it becomes apparent that civil rights violations are targeted to specific racial and ethnic groups, our personal injury attorneys want to know about it.

  • Was a police shooting the result of proper containment? Or was it the use of unreasonable force? People have been seriously injured or killed because police officers misread a situation — or acted out of malice. In either case, talk to a lawyer about what happened.
  • Did a security guard abuse authority through threats, physical harm or excessive use of force? When guards are not properly screened and trained, the public is at risk.
  • Some police forces have a track record of using Tasers, guns and physical force against racial and ethnic minorities. It often takes civil litigation — civil rights lawsuits — to get the police department to take appropriate action after police misconduct.

At the Girardi | Keese law firm, we are proud of our record in civil rights cases. We use a network of experts to investigate police brutality, improper search and seizure, and other civil rights violations. And we fight aggressively in court. Contact us for an appointment. We represent clients in California and nationwide.