Protecting the Rights of Inventors and Innovators

The IP litigation lawyers at Girardi | Keese have decades of experience challenging corporate America in courtrooms. As we watch big companies in action, we get a sense that they feel they are too big and too tough to be challenged. They know that litigating against them can cost the small inventor a fortune — a fortune the inventor doesn't have.

We do not like the odds when big companies run over the patent rights of small inventors, and at Girardi | Keese we have the financial and legal resources to fight back. Our IP litigation lawyers take patent infringement cases on contingency. The inventor will not owe us until and unless we collect damages.

Cell phone companies decided to take technology invented by someone else.

In the early 1990's, an emergency room doctor was in a medical helicopter searching for injured people on a ski slope. Valuable time was lost as they searched the slope. When the emergency was over, the doctor called a high school buddy who was a PhD engineer. Together they developed GPS technology and filed four major patents.

At first, there was little interest. Cell phones were heavy and powered by huge batteries. But as cell phones got smaller and faced the mandate to provide 911 service with GPS, they took the technology they needed — without permission or compensation. Girardi | Keese attorneys stepped into the case, sued the cell phone companies and obtained a favorable settlement.

Paying hourly legal fees can kill even the best of patent infringement cases.

Big companies know that inventors simply don't have the bankroll to fight back. The inventor of a radiation cancer therapy hired lawyers and fought to protect his patent rights, but the cost was prohibitive. The case lost at trial. The attorneys called our law firm. Girardi | Keese lawyers took the case on contingency and won a reversal on appeal.

Being in the right is just a first step to getting justice. At Girardi | Keese, we are proud that we can help inventors recover what is rightfully theirs. Contact us to discuss a patent case. We represent clients in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Research Triangle Park, Boston and nationally.