Licensing Litigation

Getting the Full Value of a Licensing Agreement

For inventors, writers and artists, a licensing agreement is an ideal way to realize the value of intellectual property. The agreement lays out the rules of the relationship: Who is responsible for what, the limits of the license, and how the proceeds will be divided.

What happens when the licensor violates the terms of the agreement, changes the scope, or fails to pay royalties? At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our licensing litigation attorneys take licensing litigation cases on contingency.

The company that licensed the IP has lawyers; the inventor needs a lawyer, too.

Quite often the person who owns the intellectual property prefers to be an idea person, not a business person. Businesses often take advantage of that. They may change the scope of the license without telling the inventor. The change may alter the value of the intellectual property and make it less marketable in the future.

In many cases, the company that licensed the IP will not release accurate financial information — and cheat the trademark, patent or copyright owner out of royalties.

Our licensing litigation attorneys take cases on contingency.

Our law firm takes great pride in being the voice for people who are being cheated by big businesses. IP protection is expensive, however. Fighting a licensing litigation case takes significant resources. We have the resources, and we feel privileged to help creative people protect their intellectual property and the royalties their property has earned.

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