How Volkswagen/Audi Broke The Law

If you drive one of the affected vehicles listed in the Take Action box below, your car is not worth what you thought it was. Volkswagen and Audi led consumers to believe they were purchasing "Clean Diesel" cars, when in fact the emissions are up to 40 times the legal limit.

Girardi | Keese plans to help make sure that consumers are not left taking a loss because VW and Audi are liars and cheats. You may be eligible to receive compensation.

VW's 'Goodwill' Offers

In the wake of VW's emissions scandal, the automaker has made two "goodwill" offers to its customers: (1) a $500 Visa gift card and (2) a $500 VW dealership gift card.

Thus far, VW has not published any documents supporting their claim that their offers will not require you to waive any rights (such as your right to sue or forced arbitration), though we are continuing to investigate this issue.

Before you accept these offers, we recommend speaking with us so you can better understand your rights as a customer (call 888-397-7655).