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Super Bowl Sunday: Californians Risk Injury or Worse from DUI


Super Bowl Sunday, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. It's the biggest game of the year in pro football on Feb. 1. But this Sunday is also the biggest day of the year for alcohol-related car wrecks, at least in California. As Jerry Hirsch reports for the Los Angeles Times, Sunday is the Super Bowl of drunk driving, and Hirsch shows us the numbers to prove it.

"Your chance of being involved in a crash tied to drunk driving," Hirsch writes, "can be as much as double that of a normal Sunday in January or February," based on crash data.

The 'Most Important' California Laws in 2015


The annual KQED News "California Report" has spelled out the most important new state laws for 2015 (based on the opinion of its editors). Most important and/or interesting, according to KQED. Bearing in the mind the inherent subjectivity of such a list, it is fair to say that at least a few of these laws will have an impact on Girardi | Keese clients. They run the gamut from employment to sports-related injury to assisted living.

Out of roughly 900 new laws, KQED called out 26 of them. In this post, we call out just a few that we believe have the most potential to affect our clients.

Supervisory Pharmacist Criminally Charged in Case Involving Tainted Drugs


This is perhaps one of the most striking examples of "malpractice," if you can call it that, perpetrated by a pharmacist. Indeed, the authorities took it a step further by calling it racketeering. The two terms generally aren't related, but in this case, supervisory pharmacist Glenn Chin is alleged to have caused the deaths of 25 people in seven states because of his "wanton and willful disregard," as Denise Lavoie reports for the Associated Press on Wednesday.

The Killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown


A grand jury last month declined to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of young Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. This past Wednesday, a grand jury in another case (this time in NYC) declined to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo, who applied a chokehold on Eric Garner. Garner later died.

Woman Acquitted of Negligent Homicide Charge in Connection to Defective G.M. Ignition Switch


We have yet another story involving G.M., which creates an image of a house of cards, a house that could eventually crumble given all the legal trouble piling on the automaker.  

In the latest news involving the defective G.M. ignition switch, Jeff Glor with CBS News reports that a woman, charged with criminal negligent homicide after she crashed her Saturn Ion and her fiancé died (in 2004), this week was acquitted of the crime after G.M. representatives provided a letter to the judge.

This letter indicated that Candice Anderson's Saturn Ion was defective - which put 10 years of "emotional guilt" to rest. "The emotional guilt - all these years," Anderson said, as Glor quotes. "You know, it's been a question if I was at fault for his death, and I've carried it for so long."

Auto Industry Continues to Face Tough Road Over Product Defects


"I find it troubling," Sen. Claire McCaskill said, "but more importantly I am sad that I am not surprised, that we find ourselves examining another example of manufacturers' failure to fulfill safety obligations that could have saved lives."

The Future of Security on Campus and Elsewhere: Robot Security Guards


As we've written on our page about premises liability cases (where someone is injured on someone else's property), the difference between a safe environment and a dangerous one can be small but important.

Who Really Lost When California Voters Said 'No' to Prop. 46


Unfortunately, it seems as though some California voters thought Proposition 46 was all about increasing trial lawyers' fees in medical malpractice cases. Fb14352, a reader who commented on Kenny Goldberg's KPBS report, wrote, "Drug testing of Doctors was just a ruse. The real reason for the Prop 46 was to get more incentive for lawyers to sue and make more money. I am so happy that Californians could see through their lies."

Scientists and Citizens Come Together to Study Health Impact of Fracking


We need oil and gas to keep the world moving, at least in the way that it has for the last couple hundred years. But drilling for, processing and using it undoubtedly has an impact on the environment and quite possibly our personal health. Perhaps you cannot separate the two. An article published by National Geographic, written by Jamie Smith Hopkins for the Center for Public Integrity, describes the results of a five-state study that "raises new questions" about dangerous chemicals kicked up by oil and gas well sites.

Bring Justice to Injured Patients: Vote Yes on Prop. 46 This November


According to, the number of deaths in hospitals every year from medical errors is equal to the number of people who would die in two jumbo jet crashes every day.

Two days ago Los Angeles Times reporter Seema Mehta wrote that well-known consumer advocate Ralph Nader "blasted" Gov. Jerry Brown because of Brown's apparent unwillingness to support Proposition 46, the bill that would raise the damages cap on pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases from $250K to $1.1M. (See "Nader assails Brown for not backing Prop. 46 to raise lawsuit caps.")

"It's inexplicable to me," Mehta quotes Nader. "It's disappointing beyond my ability to explain to you." Nader is undoubtedly referring to history here. As Mehta points out, Gov. Brown once vocally opposed California's 1975 damages cap, saying then that it did not lower healthcare costs and only had an "arbitrary and cruel" impact on injured patients.


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