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Cause of California truck accident still unknown

Most everyone in California -- and the rest of the country -- has heard about the tragic accident that occurred between a charter bus and a FedEx truck on a busy Interstate highway. Agencies investigating the truck accident are still attempting to figure out exactly what happened, including why the driver of the FedEx truck veered into oncoming traffic. Statements from witnesses failed to shed any definitive light on the circumstances leading up to the crash.

A woman whose vehicle was sideswiped by the truck just before it slammed into the bus indicated that the underside of the trailer was on fire. However, according to another witness who saw the crash from his home, no fire was visible before the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board does know that the truck left no skid marks, while the bus left a trail of at least 145 feet. This evidence seems to indicate that the bus driver attempted to avoid the collision.

Father and daughter killed in California auto collision

Two teenage boys -- who happen to be twins -- and one other man recently led police in California on a high-speed chase. The chase ended in an auto collision. A father and his daughter suffered severe injuries in the crash, which they did not survive.

The incident began when police were searching for burglary suspects. They located a vehicle occupied by three men, which police believe could have been the suspected burglars. When officers attempted to approach the men, the driver of the vehicle aimed it at the officers. Fortunately, the officers were able to move out of the vehicle's path uninjured.

California resident dies from brain injuries suffered in accident

Police are searching for a vehicle and its driver who was apparently involved in the death of a California resident. The vehicle is described as a sports coupe, silver in color and operated by a man. The victim is said to have suffered serious brain injuries that led to her death.

She was visiting her daughter in Santa Monica. About 1 a.m. on March 22, the woman and her daughter were walking in the vicinity of the Santa Monica Pier. As they attempted to cross Ocean Avenue, the vehicle that police are searching for struck both women. The driver did not stop to check on them or otherwise remain at the scene.

Woman pleads no contest in Los Angeles fatal car accident

On Sept. 14 of last year, several bicycle riders were traveling through Boyle Heights in Los Angeles. A drunk driver plowed through the group of bicycle riders, killing one rider. Recently, that driver pleaded no contest in connection with the fatal car accident.

When the woman struck one of the cyclists, she ended up dragging him under her car for several hundred feet. A second vehicle also struck the then 22-year-old man; he did not survive. Two more bicycle riders suffered injuries. One cyclist reported that she came up behind the group and ran into them. He remembers overturning and smacking into the ground.

Driver that fled the scene of car accident may be injured

In the early morning hours of March 8, police in a California city near Los Angeles responded to the scene of a single vehicle accident. By the time they arrived, the driver had disappeared, leaving his or her vehicle and passenger behind. The passenger died in the car accident.

Evidence at the scene -- including multiple skid marks -- led police to suspect the driver failed to maintain control of the vehicle, which caused it to crash first into a brick wall and then a light pole. Additional evidence points to the fact that the driver suffered injuries in the crash. No speculation on whether those injuries required medical attention was revealed. The identity of an unknown man -- the vehicle's passenger -- was not reported since police still needed to notify the victim's family of his untimely demise.

Los Angeles police officer killed in truck accident

The Los Angeles Police Department is mourning the loss of one its own. The officer died in a truck accident on March 7. The officer had been with the department for 16 years, and his most recent assignment was in the Hollywood division. The LAPD also reports the man was a respected officer and family man.

The accident occurred on Loma Vista Drive near Beverly Hills' Greystone Mansion area. Details are sketchy at this point, but it appears two Los Angeles police officers, the veteran and a probationary officer, were in route to a call when the cruiser and a big rig collided. Preliminary reports blame the brakes on the semi truck involved for the crash.

Charges filed in motor vehicle accident on the California 101

Last year a man fell from a party bus on to California's 101 Freeway. Recently, a grand jury indicted the owner of the bus company on charges of vehicular manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. The grand jury went on to say the owner was negligent in the motor vehicle accident for failing to maintain the bus.

In fact, the California Highway Patrol determined that the bus had many mechanical issues and should not even have been in use at the time of the accident. However, the owner allegedly continued to use the bus knowing it was unsafe. Reportedly, the 24-year-old victim fell onto the bus' door. It is believed the door was improperly functioning and opened. The victim then fell to his death.

Man accused of driving drunk, causing car accident

Far too many car crashes in California involve impaired drivers. For all the potential causes of a car accident, driving while intoxicated is one that can be controlled by those who choose to consume alcohol. Families who are unfortunate enough to have their lives turned upside down by the poor choices of a drunk driver should never have to endure such senseless pain, but, time and again, too many are forced to do so. Recently, a man has been accused here in California of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs after another man's life was lost in a wrong-way car accident.

The crash happened very late at night on a highway according to the authorities. The victim collided with the alleged drunk driver who was driving the wrong way on the highway head-on. He died before he could receive any medical attention. The driver who is accused of causing the crash sustained only minor injuries and a passenger in his car is in more serious condition at a local hospital.

California car accident recalled by sole surviving victim

It is possible that the only reason a California man survived a horrific crash was because his was not the first vehicle hit by a suspected drunk driver. As it is, the sole surviving victim suffered non-life threatening injuries not only from the impact, but also from pieces of his vehicle's interior that were imbedded in his body. Six other people died in the tragic car accident.

It was approximately 4:40 a.m. as the survivor was traveling west on the 60 Freeway in Diamond Bar. Without warning, the SUV in front of him suddenly flew into the air. His vehicle was then hit and thrown into the barrier wall. In the chaos of the first few moments afterward, he could hear people panicking outside his vehicle about the victims.

6 lose their lives in a wrong-way car accident in California

Driving an automobile is one of the primary means of travel in the United States. The vast system of roads and highways allows for quick and easy transportation. However, there is the ever-present chance of something going wrong -- someone making a simple mistake -- and a car accident taking place. California drivers should understand the risks of collisions, especially wrong-way crashes.

A recent motor vehicle accident in California took the lives of six individuals, four of whom were family. While traveling down the freeway, they were struck by the speeding vehicle of an apparent drunk driver. The 21-year-old driver is facing criminal charges of DUI and manslaughter. This accident was nearly identical to another devastating crash across the country, as drivers heading down a highway in the wrong direction caused both.

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