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Personal injury suits filed against Six Flags Magic Mountain

When people ride roller coasters, they do not anticipate that any real danger exists. Instead, they are expecting a fun-filled ride with thrills -- and yes, some fear -- under controlled circumstances. That is not what some riders got recently at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles County. In fact, two personal injury suits were filed against the amusement park after an incident involving a downed tree.

As visitors to the popular park were riding a roller coaster called the Ninja, the car they were in hit a tree that landed on the tracks when it fell. This caused the roller coaster car that was suspended nearly 40 feet up to partially derail. Firefighters worked to free 22 people from the wreckage. In the process, two individuals were struck by the tree and required medical attention.

7 suffer personal injury, 1 dies in runaway truck accident

Truck drivers and the companies they work for have an enormous responsibility every time a truck is on California's roadways. The vehicles must be in good mechanical condition, and the drivers must remain vigilant. When either or both of those factors are not present, a truck accident can easily occur.

Recently, a truck driver who had only been on-the-job for approximately three months was traveling Highway 17 with two trailers loaded down with dirt. As the truck approached a section of the highway with a grade of six percent, he realized that the traffic ahead of him had significantly slowed. However, the truck was going much too fast to stop in time.

3 people died in fiery car accident on California Hwy 14

Many California residents would agree that, when death comes, they would like it to be peaceful in old age. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to die peacefully. Recently, three people endured what anyone might describe as a horrific death when they perished in a fiery car accident.

According to the California Highway Patrol, these three people and two others were in a passenger car heading south on Highway 14. Another vehicle was heading toward them in the same direction at a high rate of speed. Reportedly, the driver of that vehicle failed to slow the vehicle down as it approached the victims' car and slammed into the back of it.

Dump truck accident kills to California teens, injures 3 others

On a recent Tuesday night, five friends were heading westbound on California Highway 138 with no idea what was about to happen to them. Out of nowhere, a dump truck slammed into their vehicle. Three of the five teens miraculously survived the dump truck accident. Nevertheless, the other two lost their lives in the tragic accident.

Preliminary reports indicate that a mechanical issue with the brakes caused the dump truck to careen out of control as it exited the southbound 15 Freeway. That is when it crashed into the vehicle carrying the teens. By the time both vehicles came to a stop, the car was underneath the dump truck, which was carrying wet cement.

Car vs. motorcycle accident kills 1 California rider

No matter how experienced a California driver of a car or rider of a motorcycle may be, no one can predict the actions of another person on the road. This may include everything from speeding, abrupt lane changes and even driving in the wrong direction on the freeway or highway. Even though a motorcycle is more maneuverable in most situations, it cannot always outrun an unavoidable motorcycle accident.

Recently, a motorcycle accident that took place on Highway 160 has authorities still asking themselves why. According to the California Highway Patrol, at around 10:45 a.m. on the day of the accident, an 86-year-old man driving a pickup truck entered the highway heading north in the southbound lane. It did not take long before the driver of the pickup had a head-on collision.

3 teenage girls injured in car accident

Speeding may be one of the quickest ways for a driver to lose control. Many southern California residents may agree with this fact. Any moment that a vehicle is out-of-control could cause a car accident resulting in a death or serious injury.

For three 14-year-old girls on their way back to the school campus from a gym class that was held in a park across the street, the day will not soon be forgotten. The girls were walking in the crosswalk after a physical education session when a black Toyota Prius came zooming down the street and plowed into the girls. According to a witness, the car ran a red light after apparently exiting from the 170 freeway before hitting the girls and another car after that.

Truck accident shuts down California freeway for hours

It did not take long for the traffic to become congested around the scene of an accident that took place on a California freeway recently. Police turned around drivers, and others attempted to find their own routes through the surrounding neighborhoods as authorities investigated and cleaned up a truck accident that left numerous people injured and one person dead. The section of freeway was closed for several hours.

Preliminary reports indicate that two tractor-trailers and a minivan were involved in the crash. From what officials have pieced together so far, traffic in front of the vehicles had either slowed or come to a stop. One driver apparently failed to notice, and the big rig slammed into one or both of the other vehicles.

Did street racing cause a recent car accident in California?

Virtually every California driver is aware that street racing can lead to an accident. At high speeds, it can be more difficult to control a vehicle in an emergency even when the driver is concentrating on the road and paying attention to everything around him or her. If drivers are racing, their attention is more on the outcome of the race than potential obstacles and controlling the vehicle. This combination of speed and inattention can easily lead to a car accident.

Police believe this may have been the case in a recent accident that ultimately involved three vehicles: two cars and a motorcycle. Not many details regarding the crash itself are available at this time. However, it was reported that the two cars collided head-on, and the motorcycle somehow ended up underneath what remained of the two vehicles.

Truck accident in California takes the lives of 4 people

Certain stretches of California's highways are poorly lit at night. Drivers who are otherwise diligent may not be able to see a hazard in front of them. Authorities think that darkness may have contributed to a recent truck accident.

An 18-wheeler hauling pipes on Interstate 10 was passing other vehicles. Somehow, the driver lost control of the truck when it veered onto the dirt shoulder of the highway. The truck jack-knifed and pipes were thrown across the interstate.

Accident causes serious injuries and death to vehicle occupants

Sometimes, when an accident occurs, the seemingly improbable happens. Recently in southern California, after slamming into a stationary car, a van ended up coming to rest upside down on top of the car it had hit. The accident caused serious injuries or death to all five of the vehicle's occupants.

The car was sitting at a stop sign, and police report that the van crossed into the car's lane, which caused the collision. When emergency crews arrived, they discovered two people barely alive. A boy and man were transported to an area hospital, but nothing hospital personnel did could save their lives. A girl and a woman did not survive long enough to be taken to a hospital. They died at the scene.

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