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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Understanding the Full Impact of Car and Truck Accidents

Sometimes a car accident is just a car accident — one car runs into another and one or more people suffer personal injury. Yet, when the injuries are serious and/or the crash is the result of negligence, the lawyers at the Girardi | Keese law firm look deeper.

It is that in-depth investigation into auto wrecks and truck crashes that can make an enormous difference in compensation for serious injury and wrongful death cases. That is the difference Girardi | Keese brings to a personal injury case. Call (800) 401-4530 or contact us online to learn more.

Serious injuries require substantial compensation.

Burn injuries can require years of pain and surgery, and permanent life-altering scars. Brain injuries are heartbreaking in the way they change the lives of injured people and their families. Spinal and back injuries can require a lifetime of care. Complex, multiple fractures can require surgery and rehabilitation.

All of these injuries cost money. There are current medical expenses and income loss, but also future expenses such as rehabilitation. At Girardi | Keese, our personal injury attorneys look at every opportunity for compensation that can pay for those costs.

Our attorneys look for the full story of what happened.

In addition to the police reports and accident reconstruction that determine who caused the accident, our personal injury lawyers look at other factors:

  • Did the road contribute to the accident? Dangerous roads can be a factor — sometimes the primary factor — in a car accident, truck crash or motorcycle accident. Was the signage visible and accurate? Were construction zones appropriately marked? Did a pothole or a dangerous shoulder or gravel or sand make the road dangerous?
  • Did a motor vehicle defect cause the accident? When the Ford Explorer rolled over, memos showed that the company knew in advance that SUV rollovers would happen. (An engineer wrote that the SUV needed to be lower and wider to prevent rollover accidents.) Jeep knew before it sold its cars that the middle seat in the back needed a three-point restraint. (Years before an accident that cause a child's spinal cord injury, Jeep had films that showed what would happen.)

Our law firm has extensive experience with product liability cases — when dangerous products cause accidents or make accidents and injuries more serious. When we see an auto collision, a truck accident or a motorcycle crash, one of our first questions is, "How did the road or the vehicle act?"

Please contact us if you or a loved one were involved in a motor vehicle accident with serious injuries. We represent clients in California and nationwide.

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GK Results

The law firm of Girardi | Keese has successfully recovered billions on behalf of our clients.
The following cases are just a small sampling of the many successful cases G&K has achieved over the years:

$4.85 billion

Settlement with Merck, a major pharmaceutical company, for personal injuries to consumers of the drug Vioxx.

$633 million

Settlements with PG&E for toxic tort injury claims by residents of Hinkley, California (made famous by the film Erin Brockovich).

$1.9 billion

Settlement with Sempra Energy on behalf of California consumers who were defrauded by the manipulation of natural gas prices.

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