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Brain/Head Injuries

Helping Brain Injury Victims and Their Families

There was no blood, no noticeable injury, "just" a bump on the head. That is often the reaction to closed head injuries — even by doctors. It is usually a family member or someone close to the victim who notices a problem — slurred speech, memory problems, mood swings, confusion.

For more than 40 years, Girardi | Keese attorneys have helped clients suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) recover compensation for extensive medical care, pain and suffering, and the loss of income when brain damage results from negligence. Call us at (800) 401-4530 or send us an email to learn how we can help you during this difficult time.

It takes a team to fully understand the seriousness of a brain injury.

Because our lawyers have represented many brain injury victims, we are well aware of the evolving science concerning head injuries. A concussion causes the brain to take a severe beating, banging from one side of the skull to another, and yet the victim may be accused of faking injury.

We know that the problems are very real, but it takes a team of physicians and neuropsychologists using imaging, studies and tests to determine the extent of the brain injury. A skull fracture or hematoma is easier to see, but there remains the problem of establishing the seriousness of the injury and determining possible therapies that might restore some brain capacity.

Using a network of brain injury experts, our law firm has the resources necessary to present compelling evidence of a brain injury to an insurance company, judge or jury. Our personal injury lawyers fight to recover full compensation after a brain injury, including compensation to cover long-term rehabilitation and therapy costs.

Therapy for a head injury requires time, money and the right doctors.

Doctors and scientists are learning more every day about changing pathways in the brain to improve brain function. Therapy is costly, however, so our attorneys investigate the head injury accident, find all liable parties and seek maximum compensation.

Our lawyers understand the medical issues surrounding head injury. We know what it takes to recover compensation after a serious injury changes a life and affects a family. Contact us for an appointment. We represent clients in California and nationwide.

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GK Results

The law firm of Girardi | Keese has successfully recovered billions on behalf of our clients.
The following cases are just a small sampling of the many successful cases G&K has achieved over the years:

$4.85 billion

Settlement with Merck, a major pharmaceutical company, for personal injuries to consumers of the drug Vioxx.

$633 million

Settlements with PG&E for toxic tort injury claims by residents of Hinkley, California (made famous by the film Erin Brockovich).

$1.9 billion

Settlement with Sempra Energy on behalf of California consumers who were defrauded by the manipulation of natural gas prices.

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